Jimmy Chan's weekly community volunteer project to relieve pandemic-related urgent matters. Your support is needed to join his volunteer team:

Jimmy Chan's weekly community volunteer project to relieve pandemic-related urgent matters. Your support is needed to join his volunteer team:

Jimmy Chan created the volunteer humanitarian program " One World One Humanity - Volunteer Humanitarian Mission". He has dedicated his life to serve the community. In more than 30 years of his community volunteer work, last year 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, Jimmy's kindness with his love and care donated healthy good food from his little family restaurant in the West Island DDO Wok Café and delivered the meals personally to support the frontline and healthcare workers. Jimmy and his family restaurant has donated more than 5000 meals weekly since the past ten months to various hospitals such as Lakeshore General Hospital, Montreal Jewish General Hospital, MUHC Hospital and many more. Jimmy continues to support the community of Montreal feeding not only healthcare and frontline workers, but he also donated meals to the homeless. Even though his restaurant is struggling due to the city's lockdown and restrictions, Jimmy and his partners continue to donate all the food at their own expense. Today, Jimmy continues to give as his way to thank all the frontline and healthcare workers for all they do in keeping our community safe.

Jimmy stated "it touched my heart to see all the healthcare workers risking their lives saving lives. Many of them are separated from their family, they don't even have time to eat." Jimmy says money is not everything, and all his volunteer food donation efforts have all been at their restaurant's expense. He never asks for a penny from the government or from any organizations for help. He will continue his volunteer mission and give back to his community. He said, "this is my moment to give". 

Besides Jimmy's weekly food donation volunteer project, due to the rising pandemic-related racism against Asians, Jimmy has made it his mission to help and support all the people and businesses in Chinatown who have been affected by acts of vandalism, racism, and physical assaults. Jimmy's heart was broken upon hearing from his community in Chinatown about how their shops have been vandalized and broken into, and how individuals of the Asian community in Montreal have experienced an increase in racial and physical attacks. Jimmy has been interviewed every week on the news to raise awareness regarding this situation and he encourages his community to continue to speak up against racism. Jimmy has stepped up as the only one in the community who is volunteering to keep his community safe and maintain peace and order.

Jimmy has had many meetings with the city and the police department to request more police presence in Chinatown to do foot patrol to prevent anymore vandalism and racial attacks against the Asian community in Chinatown. Jimmy waited, but the merchants, elderly and the residents of Chinatown became increasingly scared. Jimmy could not wait for the police to come to the rescue, so he took the matter into his hands and called his good friend Eddy Li who has his professional security company to help Jimmy in this urgent situation.

It was then that Jimmy had created the very first community security service patrol team in keeping Chinatown secure and safe. Jimmy and his professional security friends setup the community security protection watchdog system on a volunteer basis, and they are patrolling the streets of Chinatown every night to keep the people safe. Since this has begun, Jimmy noticed a decrease in vandalism and racial attacks in Chinatown and the merchants and residents of Chinatown expressed their gratitude towards Jimmy as they are now less stressed and less worried about their safety. Jimmy will continue his Chinatown patrol program for many more months to come!

About Us

One World, One Humanity is an organization founded by Jimmy Chan. Jimmy’s grandfather Chan Ping Sek was a well-known herbal doctor and Grand Master of Chan Ga Fist Kung Fu in China, who voluntarily treated those who could not afford medical care. This generosity influenced Jimmy into becoming the generous man he is today, always willing to lend a helping hand. It is his grandfather’s influence that also inspired Jimmy to create the Canadian International Martial Arts Alliance Association, which is a humanitarian organization that hosts martial arts shows as a means to raise funds to help those who are in need in times of crisis.

Jimmy founded One World, One Humanity in honor of his dear friend, Tom Chan, who was an Olympic Weightlifter who represented Montreal. Tom Chan helped many of the youth achieve their dreams and was a huge role model for Jimmy. Tom Chan was a very generous man and followed a philosophy of hard work and service to others, as he always helped those who were in need. Jimmy founded the One World, One Humanity Humanitarian Mission to continue Tom Chan’s legacy, by creating events to raise funds to send food, water and supplies to victims of global disasters, as well as contributing to the community and to help feed the homeless.

In 2008, Jimmy organized an event to raise funds for the victims of the Sichuan earthquake in China. With the help of several communities all over Montreal, Jimmy raised over $10,000.00 for the Red Cross to aid the victims of the Sichuan disaster.

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Other organizations founded by Jimmy Chan:

Canadian International Martial Arts Alliance Committee

Montreal Chan Lion Dance Club

Montreal Chan Dragon Boat Sports Club

Meet The Founder

Jimmy Chan, Founder of One World, One Humanity

Sifu Jimmy Chan’s  background and his brief biography:

Sifu Jimmy Chan, is the President of the Montreal Chan’s Associations in our Chinese community ( Chan Wing Chun Tong Association & Gee How Oak Tin Association of Montreal ) .

Jimmy works for CAE as a Quality Control Inspector Specialist, working with their Flight Simulators manufacture and pilots training Program. Besides his professions in CAE, he has other passions, and other community activities:

He is an Actor, Film maker, Director and writer. (Jimmy is a full ACTRA member for over 20 years in the entertainment industry, he has earned principle roles in Hollywood movies, TV commercials, modeling in photoshoots, stunt work and fight coordinator in movies and TV series) Visit his IMBD profile: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1470138/

Jimmy is a Martial artist - Sifu. ( 3rd Generations of “Chan Ga Fist / 陳家拳” ). Canadian mixed Karate Champions.

Jimmy is a New Creations Artistic coach for Cirque du Soleil  - (He was recruited by Cirque du Soleil since 2003 on contracts / projects as a New Creations Artistic Director and Coach)

Sifu Jimmy Chan's most successful and proud achievement in his Artistic New Creations in Cirque du Soleil are : Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour (Premiered on Oct 2nd 2011 ), and Messi 10 in Barcelona (Premiered on October 10th 2019 ).

Jimmy is Founder of Montreal International Dragon Boat Race Cultural and Sport Festival, he is a Dragon Boat racer / coach / captain / team builder and motivator since 1996. ( Jimmy is one of the three dragon boat founder in the Montreal Chinese community that he built the very first Dragon Boat team “ Dragon Knights” men’s team in Montreal and in his community since 1996, “Phoenix Warriors” mixed team was born in 2003 ).

Jimmy is Chief organizer of the Chinese community's group in the Canada Day Parade  – Sifu Jimmy Chan is the main organizer for the Montreal Chinese communities participated Canada Day Celebration Parade since 1980. ( At his very young age at that time, Sifu Jimmy Chan was the very first Chinese person stepped up took the leadership organized the very first Chinese community group participated in the Canada Day parade to show he is a proud Canadian and in his effort all these years that he is still continue leading his Chinese community at the Canada Day parade ).

Jimmy is Chief organizer of the Chinese community in the Saint-Jean Baptiste Day Parade ) - Sifu Jimmy Chan is the main organizer for the Montreal Chinese communities participated Saint-Jean Baptiste Day parade.    

Jimmy is Chief organizer of the Chinese community in the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade -  Sifu Jimmy Chan is the first organizer brought in his Chinese community and his Chan Lion Dance team participated in Saint Patrick’s Day parade since 2018.                       

Jimmy is Founder / President of Canadian International Martial Arts Alliance Committee (http://martialartsalliance.ca/). 

Jimmy is Founder / President  of Montreal International Martial Arts Festival.

Jimmy is Part owner of Wok Café – Sifu Jimmy Chan family restaurant Wok Cafe in the West Island DDO.

But the most important volunteer work that Sifu Jimmy Chan has been doing for the past 30 years is for the community, especially during the past five ( 5 ) months of the COVID-19 pandemic, he stepped up and donated healthy hot food from his West Island DDO family restaurant Wok Cafe to support the frontline and healthcare workers and various hospitals as well as the elderly in the community. Jimmy also helps community individuals who need help, and he is still continuing to give even when the city is opening back up.

Jimmy states,

"I have my story to tell about my values and how I am trying to adapt during the COVID-19 pandemic and getting through this difficult time to encourage others to take part in my"Care and Giving Volunteer missions, and setting examples for the next generation to be involved to give support to our community to make a difference for better days to come for our people who are in need of help. It is my philosophy of life that to be able to give is a great blessing!"

Jimmy states on Social Media,

"As I am being honored as president of two of our Montreal Chan’s Associations in our Chinese community (Chan Wing Chun Tong Association & Gee How Oak Tin Association of Montreal), this has given me the opportunity in the past 20 years to work in collaboration with other’s diverse communities to increase diversity.

I realized there are homeless people on the street in Chinatown and some visitors are not wearing masks to protect themselves and others; they must understand that even though our city is opening up, the COVID-19 pandemic still around us and we must still continue to be careful. I am promoting the wearing of masks campaign in our community. I personally purchased two hundreds masks from my own pocket and have been donating them to the public as part of my “Care & Giving” project. These masks are plastic protection wrapped individually. I spent the past few weeks volunteering passing these free mask around in our Chinese community (Chinatown) to the homeless people on the street and to people who do not have any masks on them when they are having their close contact with each other on the street and inside the stores."

Message written to the media by Mrs. Fengge Susan Ren :

为三十多年来不断做善事的资深志愿者Jimmy Chan 和他的家人在当前全球大瘟疫中的对一线工作者表现的真挚爱心和奉献精神点大大的赞!!!

A great praise on Jimmy Chan, who has been dedicating charities for more than thirty years, and his supportive family for their truly love and generous giveaway action and spirit towards front line workers in the present global pandemic!!!

Featured Projects

CORONAVIRUS SUPPORT - One World One Humanity - Care and Giving Humanitarian Mission

Message from Jimmy Chan (Founder of One World, One Humanity):

(August 18, 2020) Throughout the past five months during the COVID-19 pandemic, Jimmy has been donating food to support the frontline and healthcare workers as well as various hospitals in Montreal. Now that the city is opening up, there are still people who have lost their jobs and there are individuals who are still having difficult times. I will continue my volunteer mission to give to those who are in need.

To be able to help those who are in need is the greatest blessing in life. To have the capabilities of making a difference for a better tomorrow for those who are in need and for our next generation is everyone’s responsibility. It’s a rewarding example for the future generation to follow our path and to continue our legacy.


The “One World  One Humanity – Care and Giving” project's mission is to support and contribute to the community and the city. For the past 30 years, Jimmy Chan has also created special programs to help the young talented artists who do not have proper guidance and directions in life due to their negative visions. Jimmy has created special musical programs for them, as well as martial arts training, Lion Dance, acting, singing, and circus arts to help the youth of the community develop their skills and explore their talents. Jimmy's mission is to encourage the youth and to motivate them to follow their dreams, to provide the programs necessary to support and cultivate their passions and to turn their dreams into reality.


Jimmy’s life vision into arts and culture carries into diversity, as he promotes the beauty of all different cultural artforms, and has also created cultural exchange programs. Jimmy gives his lifetime experiences to the artistic performers to provide them with great opportunities for them to learn and to perform in public, and to help build these artists in a better artistic world with positive confidence so they can succeed in their life visions to be a successful individuals in our society.


As a full-hearted volunteer, Jimmy Chan (founder of One World One Humanity) is always supporting and contributing to the community. His passion for humanitarianism has lead to amazing donations and contributions over the past 30 years. During the current crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jimmy and his partners from Wok Cafe restaurant in DDO have been donating meals to essential workers to thank them for all of their hard work saving lives on the front lines. Touched by the front liners, Jimmy stated that as a proud Canadian, he will continue to support the essential workers by providing them with free meals on a regular basis, as well as provide support to anyone else in the community who is in need!

Keep up with all of Jimmy's activities during the COVID-19 Pandemic!


Another situation in our Montreal community that I was keeping my finger crossed hoping not to happen but unable to escape from, is the pandemic-related racism and vandalism that started in Montreal Chinatown last year 2020 March at the same time when the world locked down. Many restaurants and shops in Chinatown got their glass windows and doors smashed. I held zoom meeting with the city, and had meetings in the police station requesting more police officers to patrol Chinatown by foot. I let them know that the hate crimes and racism really scared the residents, restaurant workers and the visitors, who were now in constant fear...!!!

Since I am the President of our Montreal Chan Association and one of the leaders in our Chinese community, our community's residents and shop owners were calling me for help. It got critical, I couldn't wait from the city or the police station anymore to come to the rescue. Before anymore bad things happened to anyone, I took the matter into my own hands, and I created our first community watchdog system, educating the residents and the merchants to keep their eyes around their surroundings, but, deep inside my heart it is not good enough, so I called up my friend Eddy Li who is the owner of his security company. After I explained to him our Chinatown situation, he came right away and supported my Chinatown security visions. I felt so much respect and honor, then, our very first Chinatown security service patrol project organization was formed. It is not an easy task. Every time I put myself out there, I put my life in danger. There were so many issues and matters we had to deal with. Everyday after my regular work, I headed to Chinatown for the health and safety task with my friend Eddy and his team taking care of our community's security and safety.

The pandemic has created a lot of racism and vandalism to the Chinese people. The security patrol system in Chinatown to keep the Chinese community safe and to let the elderly residents to feel secure and not scared , and also because of the lockdown of businesses we patrolled the targeted areas to lessen the risk of vandalism, and also to keep the homeless and drug addicts from using in Chinatown as their new hangout.

With my positive contribution to the community, I am leading the next generation to become part of the community volunteer project for better days to come. Although there’s an improvement and the community is recovering, the "One World One humanity - Humanitarian volunteer" program work is not yet done - my volunteer efforts still has many strong visions to fulfil to create a safer and stronger community.

All my volunteer efforts and giving back to our community is about raising awareness of the situations that we are in, not just in Montreal , but I am sure also in other cities, and hopefully this will encourage others to do the same to make the world a better place.


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