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One World, One Humanity

Making the world a better place, one event at a time.


One World, One Humanity is an organization founded by Jimmy Chan. One World Humanity creates fundraising events to raise funds for various charities, disaster relief efforts and more. Jimmy’s grandfather Chan Ping Sek was a well-known herbal doctor in China, who voluntarily treated those who could not afford medical care. This generosity influenced Jimmy into becoming the generous man he is today, always willing to lend a helping hand. It is his grandfather’s influence that also inspired Jimmy to create the Canadian International Martial Arts Alliance Association, which is a humanitarian organization that hosts martial arts shows as a means to raise funds.

COVID-19 Relief Efforts: Supporting Front line Workers

Jimmy Chan created the volunteer humanitarian program ” One World One Humanity – Volunteer Humanitarian Mission”. He has dedicated his life to serve the community. In more than 30 years of his community volunteer work, last year 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, Jimmy’s kindness with his love and care donated healthy good food from his little family restaurant in the West Island DDO Wok Café and delivered the meals personally to support the frontline and healthcare workers. Jimmy and his family restaurant has donated more than 5000 meals weekly since the past ten months to various hospitals such as Lakeshore General Hospital, Montreal Jewish General Hospital, MUHC Hospital and many more. Jimmy continues to support the community of Montreal feeding not only healthcare and frontline workers, but he also donated meals to the homeless. Even though his restaurant is struggling due to the city’s lockdown and restrictions, Jimmy and his partners continue to donate all the food at their own expense. Today, Jimmy continues to give as his way to thank all the frontline and healthcare workers for all they do in keeping our community safe.

Jimmy stated “it touched my heart to see all the healthcare workers risking their lives saving lives. Many of them are separated from their family, they don’t even have time to eat.” Jimmy says money is not everything, and all his volunteer food donation efforts have all been at their restaurant’s expense. He never asks for a penny from the government or from any organizations for help. He will continue his volunteer mission and give back to his community. He said, “this is my moment to give”.

Let’s work together to make this world a better place!