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Canada Day Virtual Drumming Celebration To Pay Tribute To Essential Workers

Jimmy organized a group of drummers from Montreal to take part in the Canada Day Drumming Virtual Celebration on a zoom call along with 28 other cities across Canada. This year’s drumming celebration was no only to celebrate Canada Day, but was also to pay tribute to all the essential workers who are working hard to protect our community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jimmy stated on facebook:

Today our families and all of our drummer friends who joined me drumming at our Canada Day Drumming Virtual Celebration, we all had a blast drumming simultaneously with Canadians from 28 cities across 6 time zones. It was a super fun 6 mins of drumming.

Thank you to all my dearest friends and everyone who joined in and shared this special moment.
It was a fun once in our life time Canada Day virtual drumming celebration experience!!!

With my great honor drumming together with you and everyone from coast to coast with other cities across Canada to celebrate Canada Day in the virtual celebration. It was amazing!!!

We drum for hope, we drum for life, we drum for our unity as we are all proud Canadians. We drum to thank you all the frontline workers and healthcare workers around the world keeping our community safe during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis!!!

Thank you for being part of this meaningful experience!!!🙏🙏🙏😊
Happy Canada Day!!!

Canada Day Drumming Virtual Celebration from go2stream on Vimeo.