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Chinese Community Signing The Golden Book

The Montreal Chinese Community’s Signing of Montreal’s Golden Book
The Chinese Community Leaders Contribution and Legacy
March 28, 2019
President Jimmy Chan
In collaboration with Cathy Wong

Today is my contribution to the Chinese community. With great honor, I was nominated as the president of the Chan Association’s Gee How Oak Tin Association more than 10 years ago. I am also the president of Wing Chung Tong Association 2 years ago. These are the two oldest Chinese associations from the Chan dynasty.

I grew up in Chinatown, where I witnessed the hardships that our ancestors had to go through to build out Montreal Chinatown in 1877. It is my great honor to serve our Chinese community, helping the elderly of our associations. I regularly organize activities for the elderly of our community to visit many different places and to have dinner together.

A part of my mission is to increase diversity in our community by collaborating with other communities. My goal is to set a good example for the next generation and to pass down the traditions and heritage of our people down to them so they may continue in our footsteps.

Today it was an honor to organize this celebration. Our community leaders and friends came to City Hall today to gain recognition of their contribution to the Chinese Community by signing the Golden Book, recording themselves into the history of Montreal. This is a huge step.

Those of you who signed the Golden Book today in the City Hall of Montreal is because of your contribution, not only to the Chinese community, but to Montreal in general. You are now part of history.

I want to thank the Chinese Councillor to invite you all to come sign the Golden Book. I sincerely want to thank Cathy Wong for organizing this special tribute to the Chinese community. Many of our elders are no longer with us. Those of you who signed the Golden Book also did so in memory of our ancestors. All of your contributions will allow the next generation to carry on the traditions to remember where we came from, who we are and who our ancestors were.

As I mentioned, I started a documentary about our Chinese people’s first immigrants of Montreal, and the current immigrants and our current generation living in Montreal today. All of you are part of this special documentary.

Thank you Cathy Wong for your contribution to our Chinese Community. Today is a testimony for all of us to recognize who we are as we are a part of the living history of Montreal. I am very proud to be part of this celebration, ceremony and historical moment.

Thank you Cathy Wong, the city of Montreal, and all of our leaders, for showing our unity. We are one big family.