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Jimmy Gives Out Free Masks To Everyone On The Streets

Jimmy continues to support the community during the COVID-19 pandemic by giving out free masks on the street!

Jimmy continues to take care of our community during the COVID-19 pandemic while respecting social distance by volunteering! Being honored as president of two of our Montreal Chan Associations in our Chinese community ( Chan Wing Chun Tong Association & Gee How Oak Tin Association of Montreal ) has given Jimmy the opportunity in the past 20 years to work in collaboration with other diverse communities to increase diversity. Jimmy realized there are homeless people on the street around Chinatown and some visitors who are not wearing masks to protect themselves and the others. They must understand even our city is opening up, but the COVID-19 pandemic is still around us.

Jimmy has been promoting the importance of wearing masks in the community. As part of his campaign, Jimmy personally purchased two hundred masks from his own pocket as donation to the public for his “Care & Giving” project, ( these masks are plastic protection wrapped individually ). Jimmy spent the past few weeks volunteering passing these free masks around in our Chinese community ( Chinatown ) to the homeless people on the street and people who do not have masks on them when they are having their close contact with the others on the street and inside the stores in Chinatown.

Even with the city opening back up, Jimmy continues to support the community and those who are still in need!

Throughout Jimmy’s COVID-19 support efforts, Jimmy reminds everyone that he is not a hero, but the true heroes are the ones working the frontlines, risking their lives to make sure we are all safe and healthy. The least Jimmy can do is to support the frontliners and to do his part as a community leader.